Monday, November 16, 2009

Gift Sets Are In!!!

Holiday gifts set have arrived! Hurry in and get yours as supplies are limited. With what I have seen so far for this year, they are going to go fast.

Some of the sets that will sell fast:

Bailey's gift set - 750 mL bottle of Baileys original and 3 shooters of their other flavors.

Cointreau - 750 mL bottle of Cointreau and a Dial-a-Drink shaker that shows you different drinks by spinning the shaker.

Disaronno Amaretto - 750 mL bottle of Amaretto and two glass snack bowls for peanuts or pretzels.

I hear the Hypnotiq gift set is nice but I haven't personally seen it yet.

Keep in mind, you could also make your own gift set for someone with our selection of glassware and a nice bottle of wine, liquor or beer.

Also, we are starting to get in the beer variety packs for gift giving or holiday party sharing - I'll update you all on those very soon!

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