Thursday, January 28, 2010

Superbowl and Valentine's Day

The Superbowl teams are set in place and in just over a week the winner of Superbowl XLIV will be determined. But who really watches the game - aren't we more excited for the commercials!!??? Weather you are watching the teams or the ads, you need drinks to get through it all.

The seasonal beer selection has just been updated at the store. Check out the first aisle for the complete selection. If you walk in the door, just keep heading straight back and about half way back the aisle starts. This is our seasonal/beer of the month and variety pack aisle. Probably one of my favorites to wander through. We have many great micro brews available from all around at great prices right now. So stop in and if you don't see or can't find something, don't hesitate to ask.

The weekend following the big game is Valentine's Day. Whether you are headed out for dinner, staying in, or completely dislike the holiday as a whole - stop in a grab a bottle of something to make the day better. Champagnes are currently on sale and I will personally recommend the Barefoot Mostcato Spumante Champagne - - delicious. Drop a little bit of Chambord (raspberry liqueur in it) and its even more tasty. Or if you aren't a champagne person, try a Lambic style beer. New Glarus Raspberry or Cheery, Lindemann's has pear and peach as well, Kasteel Bruin or Rogue or the Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry, Raspberry or Cherry. Again I will personally vouch on all of these.

Or stick with your favorite and enjoy that too - we have whatever you need (beverage-wise) to make the day as special as you want it.

So here's a good luck cheer to the teams - no injuries and hoping for great commercials!!! Hope to see you in soon!

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